For Your First Appointment

A patient history form will be mailed to you. Please fill it out and bring it with you to your appointment. Please bring a list of your medications including any eye drops that you use. If you use eye drops or medications, be sure to use them as directed prior to your appointment. Please bring in any glasses or contact lenses that you wear for your appointment.

Please bring your insurance cards with you. If you have an HMO insurance, you will need to request a referral from your primary care physician prior to seeing Dr. Tatge.

During your appointment eye drops will be put in your eyes and you will likely have your eyes dilated. Dilation sunglasses will be provided when you leave to assist your vision when you drive home. If you do not feel comfortable driving after having your eyes dilated, it may be preferable to bring someone with you to your appointment who can drive you home. If you wear makeup, it may also be beneficial to avoid wearing any makeup on the eyelids and eyelashes because eye drops will be placed in your eyes during the examination. Thank you.